We facilitate global success everhart@ionisinternational.com

We help organizations thrive in times of rapid global change

Ionis International is a talent development company focused on building effective global leaders, high-performing multicultural teams, and inclusive organizations capable of succeeding in environments of constant change.

We are agile and customer-centric

We believe that impactful talent development must be rooted in the global context in which leaders and teams operate. This requires first understanding the unique challenges customers face, and then enabling and facilitating a practical, appropriate development intervention. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best solution for their needs, not just the solution we want to deliver. 

We offer Solutions that Fit

  • consulting for building globally effective talent systems
  • global leadership development
  • workshops for multinational team effectiveness
  • coaching for executives with complex global roles
  • programs on global Inclusion & Diversity
  • high potential development for emerging leaders in fast-growth markets